Have you ever been invited over to the home of a new friend and got the overwhelming feeling when you arrive that you are in a strange location and don’t know where anything is? This is a common experience. Sadly, it also leads to many people feeling too uncomfortable to ask for one piece of very important information :Where is the bathroom?

The Solution: Charming Wooden Artwork 😊


Using scraps of wood, a wooden dowel, a jigsaw and some stain you can create these cute wooden bathroom signs to hang on your bathroom door. The simple gesture not only adds charm to the door of your bathroom but it also creates a way to designate the area as a wash room.

People associate the men/women signs as a place where they can freely enter to use a restroom. The symbol is universal, and regardless of where your guests are from, they will know that room is the bathroom.

The next time you have a party you won’t have to answer that question a hundred times. They will know exactly where the bathroom is.