If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve most likely already heard all about Spruc’d Market. However, if you haven’t, you’re definitely going to want to. What is it? Well, it’s a fantastic community made up of reputable DIYers banding together for the express purpose of helping talented designers and devoted doers of all levels to make true works of art. You can find plans for all kinds of projects, both large and small, that you might want to try for yourself. It’s like a cookbook for the building world and it contains some amazing recipes that you can easily envision and create.

Rustic Toolbox

On the Smitten Modern page at Spruc’d Market, for example, you can get DIY instructions for building a charming rustic wooden toolbox that only takes six steps to make with some plywood, a dowel, nails, glue, and sandpaper. Tools needed include a pencil, circular saw, nailer, tape measure, and a rafter square. Voila! You’ve got the perfect accessory to use as an organizer or as an accent on your coffee table to hold stuff like remotes, books, games etc. It’s an easy build and really handy around the house. Try one as a magazine rack or in the bathroom to hold rolled towels and washcloths. And, it could also make a great-looking rustic planter.

Farm Table

On the other hand, maybe you would love to build a sturdy rustic farm table for your dining room or breakfast nook in just 12 steps. The Spruc’d Market Smitten Modern page also offers an excellent set of plans for making a beautiful table that can be used for family meals, or as a hall table or display table in your foyer. All you need are the DIY plans, some non-pressure-treated pine, biscuits, a rafter square, wood glue, screws, a pencil, sandpaper, and a tape measure. Tools needed include a circular saw, Kreg jig, biscuit joiner, clamps, and a drill/driver. And, best of all, your family will love it!

So, if you love building amazing furniture and accessories, then take a look at the Smitten Modern page at Spruc’d Market. You’re sure to find plans for something you’ll love building and then enjoy using later. Check back often, too, for new postings of project ideas!