I know what you are thinking… How do I finish all of these fabulous pieces I just built?

Here is the “how to” of my favorite finishes. I have also added a PDF so you can easily print the steps.


Rust-olum: Chalked linen white

Minwax: espresso


Minwax: ebony

Minwax Water Based: polycrylic clear matte

Recommended Tools


Plastic cup

Foam paint brush

Plastic gloves

Mix 1-part Rust-olum: Chalked linen white, with 1-part water.

Helpful hint: I like to mix in a plastic cup, because it is easy to hold.

Using your foam paint brush, generously paint the mixture on.

Wipe off excess paint with rag.

Using a rag apply the desired stain

Helpful hint:  A little goes a long way!

Allow to dry

These two are my absolute favorite finishes to make new wood look weathered

If you feel the look is still too dark you can always go over again with your white wash

After white wash #1 it’ll look something like this. You can always do more layers of the white wash.

I like to do dark stain to bring out the natural grain and beauty of the wood, and then add multiple white wash layers.

That’s it!