It all began with a quest to find the right look for a coffee table for a friend. He wanted something that was stunning, but not too pretty to use. He wanted a wood top for a more rustic look to match his home, while having a unique enough appearance to set it apart. He wanted something with angles in the design because it appealed to his sense of style, but he couldn’t find anything that met all those requirements in a coffee table.

So, I set out to see if I could meet all these demands and still create a piece that may fit into other décor types as well.

What I came up with is a very basic design that is very easy to make. Using the same type of wood cut at different angles to fit together, stain, and pre-made hair pin table legs, the table is quite simple to put together. In fact, the longest part of the project is waiting for the stain to dry completely.

Using additional layers of stain to create variating colors of wood was the hardest part of the project. The outside trim was made from the darkest color to give it a very solid looking appearance. The hair pin metal legs allow the piece to match mid-century, modern, minimalist, or rustic interior designs.

The table can be made to any size to fit your needs. I have created larger and smaller pieces since designing the first table because everyone loved the appearance and wanted one for their home or office.

The project costs about $100 to make, with a majority of the money being attributed to the legs. You can find hand crafted hair pin legs on Etsy and Amazon Handmade for different prices. Make sure that you check the height of the legs before purchasing so that they meet your décor standards.

If you are ready to create a beautiful end table for your home, click below to purchase the complete instruction packet for $4.99.