I am so excited to help you find your inner Artisan! This was one of my recent favorite projects.

Our home office was our “catch-all” for far too long. After living in the home for almost 3 years, I decided it was time to finally get that room in order. I bet most of you have an area of your home that serves as a dumping ground for all things that don’t have a specific home. For us, it was the home office. As I started putting this room in order, I took a look at the furniture.

We had a small IKEA desk that a friend had given us a to fill that “needed” desk void and it worked… for a while. It served its purpose of holding clutter and keeping the room from looking too empty, but it wasn’t attractive and it didn’t really go with the décor.

When I decided I want to share my creativity knowledge with the world, I knew it was time to replace the “blah” IKEA desk with something more fitting our style and my creative passion. Sitting at the small, ugly, non-creative desk was killing me. The vibes were anything but fun and that needed to change as part of revamping the space to create my home office.

With our home being “Rustic Modern,” I knew a farm style table would look awesome on our dark gray tile. So I decided to give building a desk a go. What I came up with was a gorgeous workspace that inspires my creativity, looks beautiful in the room and holds everything it should without becoming a cluttered mess.

You can check out the complete instructions for the farm table on the shop page and try it yourself. I encourage you to get creative and modify to work for your rustic space.